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“Seabreezes” Building Plot.

Unique sea views and now a fairly unique price for a fully serviced building plot. 

The main photograph at the top of this page is a view from our elevated building plot. Our site comes FULLY SERVICED, including new main road, mains electricity, fresh water mains, landline telephone line, sewerage connection etc.


This building plot is at the END of the row and as such the SEA VIEW from this particular aspect will be unobstructed

Click directly on the plan drawing images below to increase detail and viewing size…

Seabreezes Plan Elevation


Seabreezes: Building Plot For Luxury 4 Bedroom Detached House

Plan Drawing Copyright (c) 2020 Knight & McDonald Architects

Seabreezes Plan Drawing

Seabreezes: Building Plot For Luxury 4 Bedroom Detached House

Getting Here

Jeremy Clarkson can show you the joys of the drive north until he “ran out of country”.

Nowadays folk are seeking to leave coviddy-cities and lock-down towns for a gentler, safer style of life where you can walk and still feel some freedom.

Perhaps spend a few minutes with Jeremy Clarkson as he drives the very same road you will be taking if you decide to buy our building plot and construct your new home with sublime sea views.


What Exactly Is For Sale?

This is a fully serviced building plot with road infrastructure included and spectacular sea views.

As the development commenced a “meaningful start” within the statutory timeframe, we have been advised that the OUTLINE PLANNING PERMISSION IS CURRENT, LIVE & ENDURING.


Seabreezes Site Photo 1

This Is The Serviced Building Plot

Seabreezes, Munro Place, Bettyhill, Sutherland, KW14 7TD


No appointment is needed to view. The site is fully accessible.

We have endeavoured to answer as many questions as possible via this dedicated website. If you have any specific points, please

TEXT QUESTIONS TO US ON: 0757 2768 795


The original owner of this field, who has obtained the Outline Planning for an exclusive development of seven separate detached house newbuild sites. Ours is the end plot nearest the sea with the best view.

The building plot at Bettyhill already has the main substructure installation of road and street-lighting which is very useful in comparison to other non-serviced building plots.

The road is ready to have the TOP coat of Tarmacadam laid upon it once the services have been connected to each plot...

Seabreezes Site Photo 6

Views of the roadway FROM our Building Plot

Seabreezes, Munro Place, Bettyhill, Sutherland, KW14 7TD

The underground cabling, water supply drainage, electricity, telephone etc., has been installed. The subterranean road infrastructure is now completed and ready for the top-coat of tarmac and the walkways ready for pavement paving. This final ‘polished’ element will be commissioned once the heavy machinery has been working on the individual sites. The logic being to reduce HGV damage to the cosmetic tarmac top coat of the road prior to adoption by the local authority.


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You could always build your on lighthouse home design (subject to planning )…

^^^ Your Design of Newbuild Lighthouse Home ^^^

Why Not?


Or Traditional…

Subject to variation of planning permission a much more modest house can be built. For example here are some details of the type of “bought-in” and “turn-key” ready to occupy house styles available if you don’t fancy self-building:-

This picture below is an example of what local builders can provide…

Colonsay Roy Homes

Two Bed Detached Newbuild House Design


Building Site Description: Our Building Plot sits in an elevated position with commanding views as pictured at the top of this webpage, looking over green fields, river, sandy beach and blue sea. We are advised by a professional chartered surveyor that the site size is approximately .27 of an acre (0.11 Hectare). This detail is given in good faith with the caveat that prospective buyers should satisfy themselves to the accuracy of measurements. This  plan drawing may also be of help.

Please Click Here – This aerial picture illustrates the sand dune and sea views that our elevated building plot has.

The writer of this website actually caught sunstroke in 1999 here at Bettyhill such is the little known secret that the north of the UK is often like the South of France in Summer. The off-season months are often fabulously beautiful as well. The area is famed for surfing at nearby Thurso, and world class diving is just across the water from our Building plot at Scapa Flow on Orkney – access via Pentland Ferries and/or Northlink Ferries. Our Building Plot also has very good road links to cities such as Inverness, and regular air flights as detailed on our Travel & Connectivity webpage. With regard to this Building Plot for sale, there is current, enduring Outline Planning Permission for the construction of a luxury detached 4 bedroom dwelling.

There was, until September 2013 Full Detailed Planning Permission. Whilst the Outline Planning Permission is still valid, the Full Detailed Planning Permission has since lapsed. Given that a new owner will likely have their own newbuild design ideas, we are selling our Building Plot with Outline Planning Permission. The new owner can either opt for the reactivating this Full Planning Permission as previously granted per the architect drawings above, or submit their own preferred design for the Full Planning Permission and Building Warrant stage of the build. In the meantime we are able to show the plan drawings of this unique luxury house to be situated on an elevated part of this beautifully located Building Plot.

The title is Feuhold which is the best quality of land title possible in Scotland, and equivalent to Freehold title elsewhere in the UK.

It is also important to note that a buyer is NOT obliged to build the particular design for which FULL PLANNING PERMISSION was previously granted and as illustrated above.


This drawing is from the local vernacular of a typical Highland 1.5 storey house…

Bute House Ground Floor Roy Homes Ltd

Kit House Example: Ground Floor.

Please Click On Photo Above For Larger Format Version

Bute House First Floor Roy Homes Ltd

Kit House Example: First Floor.

Please Click On Photo Above For Larger Format Version


PLEASE NOTE: The current and Outline Planning Permission for our Building Plot is “ENDURING” – that the Outline Planning Permission CANNOT be extinguished. The Local Authority have confirmed that as the statutorily defined “meaningful start” was commenced within the 5 year timeline period stated on this development’s PLANNING PERMISSION and well within the permission date of 19th March 2008, then the OUTLINE PLANNING PERMISSION is what the Local Authority Planning Department define as “ENDURING”. 

It is, however, a material specification that when FULL PLANNING PERMISSION and the BUILDING WARRANT element of the process are progressed, the build shall be in the required vernacular for the area, and at a 1.5 storey style of design. This class is illustrated well in the above links and illustrations. It is possible to vary from the general design brief and 1.5 storey guideline, but this will require discussion with the Local Planning Authority as appropriate.


Our Building Plot is being sold as serviced. The BT telephone landline, water and electricity have been run to the plot boundary. The junction boxes are positioned about half way across the front of the plot. Sewage infrastructure is also run across the whole development and DSC chamber is located within the plot.

Any questions, please feel free to ask…

TEXT/TEL: 0757 2768 795











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