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The Building Plot for sale at Seabreezes, Back of Farr, Munro Place, Bettyhill, Sutherland is set in one of the most beautiful and unspoilt parts of the United Kingdom. It is literally as far from the madding crowd, whilst still remaining on mainland Britain.

Our Building Plot is about midway between John O’Groats and Cape Wrath. On the inspirational NORTH COAST 500. This is what is on your future home’s doorstep…

North Coast 500


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The North Coast 500 Is on Your Doorstep



All in all the road journey for this Top Gear episode illustrates nicely the difference between too many cars and traffic congestion, versus true beauty and a quality of life place to live and work.

All in all, there is a great, undiscovered part of the country. As this paragraph is being written, in summer, there is 2 hours more daylight here than in London. Genuinely a hidden gem, and for a fraction of what you would pay in the relatively unique position in owning your own land and home with no mortgage – and then having lots of quality time to discover the great beauty of these lands.


We would highly recommend you visit Cape Wrath which is a very pleasant day out to the west of us. We are in the middle of the top coast. Cape Wrath is to our far left/west.

A genuinely unspoilt and breathtaking part of the country. Summer up here is really like the South of France, but don’t tell anyone – it is a reasonably well kept secret!

This is the amazing area you will be spending real quality time at:

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Yet up here is remarkably accessible with very good road connectivity and noticeably car free roads to the local, very civilised Wick John O’Groats Airport which is a direct 50 mile road journey from our Building Plot at Seabreezes to John O’Groats Airport. Also a very pleasant drive to a few miles along the east coast to the MAIN HUB airport to MANY locations around the UK and the world beyond via

Inverness Airport & Many Connections: Map – Click Here

As well as good air travel links, the relatively small size of Britain, when say compared with America or Europe means that the North Coast of the country may seem and feel far from the polluting fumes, frustration and crowded city life, but it is just a relatively short drive away from friends and relatives throughout the UK.

Please don’t tell too many folk, but one of the pleasures of driving in the Highlands is that you can go for an hour without meeting another car. Traffic jams are such a rare thing, you are more likely to see Elvis Presley.

It is a fact that many, many people actually walk from Lands End to John O’Groats to complete the iconic journey. If so many folk walk and peddle cycle the road from one end of Britain to the other, then the car trip is literally a breath of fresh air – well once you join the A9 and commence driving in the Highlands properly, with fewer and fewer cars as the farther north your journey takes you.

On a personal note, the writer of this website bought the lighthouse buildings nearby to Seabreezes – at Strathy Point in 1999, and truly wished this had happened 20 years earlier. Such is the utter beauty of the North Coast, and friendliness. A fact born out by the number of family and friends who have moved up to live at the North Coast and find the hidden gem that really is life looking towards, and almost within touching distance of the Arctic Circle.

For those who are looking to enhance a quality of life, here are just a few photos of the commute to the North Coast. The journey that renowned motoring critic Jeremy Clarkson so much enjoyed.
A9 Commute Start

 The A9 Heading North – A Glorious Commute

A9 Commute Midway The A9 Midway To Home

Coastal Views – Turquoise Sea, Green Fields, Snow Capped Mountains

Turn Left At John O’Groats!

Nearly Home – Lots Of Country  & Coast Still To Explore


Useful Airport Details

Wick John O’Groats Airport [WIC]

Caithness, KW1 4QP

Airport Telephone: 01955 602 215

Wick John O’Groats Airport – Click Here


Edinburgh Airport [EDI]

Gogar Bridge Road,

Edinburgh, EH12 9DN

Telephone: 0844 448 8833

Edinburgh Airport Transport Links – Click Here


Inverness Airport (INV)

Dalcross, Inverness, IV2 7JB.

Telephone: 01667 464000

Inverness Airport Information: Click Here

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