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Seabreezes Building Plot For Sale: Guide: £44,500

————————- Update / Answer – Questions 1 ————————-

Please can you explain the planning permission situation in a little more detail?

Thank you for the question. For this sort of newbuild house project there is Full Planning Permission and Outline Planning Permission. Whilst the Outline Planning Permission on our Building Plot is live and enduring, the FULL Detailed Planning Permission for a 4 bedroom detached house lapsed in September 2013. It is likely a new buyer will want their own design for their own needs, taste and style. So we are holding off resubmitting a renewal for FULL Planning permission in favour of the new buyer who will have their own views on what they wish to build. It is very important to note that as OUTLINE Planning Permission has been given and confirmed as enduring, the new owner will have permission to build a detached 4 bedroom house. It is the fine detail that needs to be agreed upon between the local planing department and the new owner of this building land from here on in.

————————- Update / Answer – Questions 2 ————————-

Please can you give an idea of what a finished house would cost to build on the site?

Thank you for the enquiry about having a finished, or “turnkey” house built. There is a reputable local builder with over 1,000 newbuild houses to their name. We asked this builder – Roy Homes – to quote for a “turnkey” design – for an all finished house to be built for you ready to move into. We have just received the quote. This is for a TWO BEDROOM DETACHED HOUSE – A “Colonsay” design as per your enquiry to be built on our BUILDING PLOT. The “turnkey” cost for this is between £137,000 and £152,000 for the construction element of the project. This is in ADDITION to the price to be paid for the BUILDING PLOT. This quote is for a local builder to progress the building of a new house on this BUILDING PLOT to the point where you receive a set of keys for a new house on it. We can email visitors to this website a copy of the full quote if desired. Please Click Here to contact us for a copy of this quote. Thank you.


————————- Update / Answer – Questions 3 ————————-

Please can you show some actual pictures of what the house would look like if we went for a local builder and project manager to provide us with what you term a “turn-key” house built for us and ready to occupy. Ta.

Yes certainly – here is the builder’s architect design:-

This picture is Copyright (c) Roy Homes Ltd (2016). All Rights reserved.

Colonsay Roy Homes

Two Bed Detached “Colonsay” Style Newbuild House Design

For further specification please click this weblink …


Colonsay Design Roy Homes Newbuild Main Photo

This picture is Copyright (c) Roy Homes Ltd (2016). All Rights reserved.

The example here is of a real life “Colonsay” style house. It is important to note that the owner/client in this instance has asked for an “extra” room to be added onto the side. This is a good idea if you want to take advantage of any views – especially if your site benefits from a seaview.

————————- Update / Answer – Questions 4 ————————-

Do you have any interior layout/pictures of what the house you have shown would look like?

Yes. Here are some illustrations of what the interior layout would look like. The final design is also subject to your own personal input and preferences.

Bute House Ground Floor Roy Homes Ltd

Picture Above – Ground Floor Layout

This picture is Copyright (c) Roy Homes Ltd (2016). All Rights reserved.

Bute House First Floor Roy Homes Ltd

Picture Above – First Floor Layout

This picture is Copyright (c) Roy Homes Ltd (2016). All Rights reserved.

————————- Update / Answer – Questions 5 ————————-

 Will I have to pay for the services to this building plot, such as roads, electricity water, etc.?

No, you don’t need to pay any more than the guide of £38,500 for our building plot.

ALL of the roads, pavements, street-lighting, water, sewerage, drainage, electricity, telephone, costs have been paid for. Our site is being sold as FULLY SERVICED. It is important to note that there are NO additional costs payable by the new owner of our site for the roads or related infrastructure building costs. All site services are fully included.

————————- Update / Answer – Questions 6 ————————-

Can I get a mortgage on this project?

Sorry, we cannot give advice on finance for funding of newbuild projects. Though would recommend you look at the Government Help To Buy 5% Deposit – 95% Mortgage Scheme ...

Government Help To Buy Facility – Click Here

The Government has advised that the 95% mortgage Help To Buy scheme – due to end in 2016, will be kept OPEN until the year 2020 for NEWBUILD houses ONLY. That means this site for a newbuild house should qualify for funding within the parameters of this scheme for some time to come.


On 16th March 2014 the Chancellor stated that:”The Help to Buy scheme for newly built homes would be extended to 2020″.

————————- Update / Answer – Questions 7 ————————-

I noticed there seems to be a new name for your building plot, please can you enlighten why there is a name and not a street number?

Thank you for your question about the name of our Building Plot. The reason these plots have been named, is that there was earlier confusion and the potential for a property misdescription with EXISTING houses at the other end of the road (these were built many years ago). There is a house with the same number as our building plot. A casual enquiry might lead to someone mistaking that house for our building plot on various due diligence databases. Hence the specific name of each property plot to avoid any risk of confusion.

————————- Update / Answer – Questions 8 ————————-

What is the exact location/address and size of your building plot?

Our Building Plot sits in an elevated position with commanding views as pictured at the top of this webpage, looking over green fields, river, sandy beach and blue sea. Situated on the north coast at Bettyhill, the exact address is:-

Seabreezes, Munro Place, Bettyhill, Sutherland, KW14 7TD.

We are advised by a professional chartered surveyor that the site size is approximately .27 of an acre (0.11 Hectare). This detail is given in good faith with the caveat that prospective buyers should satisfy themselves to the accuracy of measurements. This plan drawing may also be of help.

Please Click Here – This aerial picture illustrates the sand dune and sea views that our elevated Building Plot has.

————————- Update / Answer – Questions 9 ————————-

I can see your building plot is on the north coast. What is the weather like, and are there local services, facilities and recreational pursuits?

The weather! – The writer of this website actually caught sunstroke in 1999 here at Bettyhill such is the little known secret that the north of the UK is often like the South of France in Summer. The off-season months are often fabulously beautiful as well. The area is famed for WORLD CLASS SURFING…

Photos: World Class Surfing At Thurso – Click Here

at nearby Thurso, and WORLD CLASS DIVING is just across the water from our Building Plot at SCAPA FLOW…

Scapa Flow Diving – Click Here

…on Orkney – access via Pentland Ferries and/or Northlink Ferries. Our Building Plot also has very good road links to cities such as Inverness, and regular air flights as detailed on our Travel & Connectivity webpage.

There is a local hotel with licenced facilities, and village shops as well as a reasonably large town of Thurso within a short drive that has all the main stores most folk need. Plus primary and secondary school educational facilities.

 ————————- Update / Answer – Questions 10 ————————-

Please can you advise if this is freehold land title, and do I have to stick with a particular design?

The title is Feuhold which is the best quality of land title possible in Scotland, and eqivalent to Freehold title elsewhere in the UK.

It is also important to note that a buyer is NOT obliged to build the particular design for which FULL PLANNING PERMISSION was previously granted and as illustrated above. You could opt to reinstate [subject to planning permission] the LUXURY detached hose which was previously granted FULL Planning Permission:-

Seabreezes Plan Elevation

Plan Drawing Copyright (c) 2016 Knight & McDonald Architects

Please Click Directly On The Image Above/Below To Increase Viewing Size

Seabreezes Plan Drawing

Plan Drawing Copyright (c) 2016 Knight & McDonald Architects

Please Click Directly On The Image Above/Below To Increase Viewing Size



&  we will do our best to answer. Just click below to make ask…

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————————- Update / Answer – Questions 11 ————————-

Hi, I am still having a problem finding out where in the coast your building plot is. Do you have a map or something?


Our building plot is located at Bettyhill, Sutherland …

Bettyhill OS OpenData

Bettyhill, Sutherland (c) 2016 Ordnance Survey Open Source Data














To find this website again with ease, please just Google the phrase ….

“Seabreezes Building Plot For Sale”